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bottled·icons.a glorified "storage room". I don't have definite plans for it and in the future I wouldn't mind running it with another designer, I don't know, still thinking about it. Without a doubt I'm not the best designer around the lj world, but I enjoy what I do.

Feel free to watch this community! I don't really plan on flocking this comm so you don't need to join, but I will leave membership open for those who prefer it that way.

The Rules are pretty simple:

- Comments are *always* welcomed! I like to hear what you think as well as tips to improve!
- I would like if you credited me for whatever you take from here.
- Please, don't hotlink the icons, save them!!
- I like doing textless graphics, please, they are not bases.

About the graphics:

- Usually, I work on icons, which does not mean that from time to time I don't make banners, headers or wallpapers if my creativity spurt decides about doing larger graphics.
- My main fandom interest right now is focused in j-rock and that's what my icons reflect... be aware that it can change!

My personal lj can be found at: BUYITINPACKS

Resources: moved here!

*fangels_icons*; *insanance*; *dammitliz*; *katsumiEVA*; *blindcottonlove*; *smairuu;*

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Overrides: fruitstyle. Tinyicon code by The LJ Tiny Icon Generator by loveicon. Tiny Icon set by _excentric_

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